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"Workshop repairs in Macclesfield"

  Workshop computer repairs.


Our computer workshop is well known for its same day turnaround on computer repairs.  The workshop is equipped to resolve regular laptop repair issues like screen and keyboard replacements.  The workshop will not charge for diagnosis of any repair and stock popular replacement parts for all computer and laptop repairs.

The workshop is owned and run by B4 Computers Ltd who are a popular and proven computer specialist.  If your computer starts up with a virus or fails to startup at all then we recommend that you drop in with your computer ort laptop for repair.

We recommend that you only drop off the essentials for repair.  Please bring in your laptop charger if there is a fault with your laptop as this enables us to identify if you laptop charger has a fault. In most instances we should only require that you drop in your computer desktop without any power or additional cables; as most computers are powered via a standard ?amp kettle lead and we carry a lot of these in stock.

B4 Computers operate a clean, tidy and well organised workshop which delivers a high standard of service to it new and existing customers. We hope that every experience of our workshop is satisfactory and value for money. Our workshop is forever updating its processes and staff training to keep up with the demands of modern times.

B4 Computers prides itself on the level of understanding for customer needs and knows that any levels not met by the B4 Workshop can surely be met by the B4 Call-out service that offers an alternative solution to customers who don't want the hassle of disconnecting cable and delivering a faulty computers to the workshop, when a B4 Computer Engineer is willing to do the work for them.

Please be aware that our workshop is open six days a week and as late as 6.30pm monday to Thursday.  We have plenty of parking opposite, on the front and at the rear.